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A Future That Works
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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

What Is to Be Done?

The Broad Left have to do everything that can be done to destabilise the ultra-right coalition as first priority as the Tories have no mandate for the cuts that’s the first duty. The Liberal coalition partners will pay heavily for putting Cameron and Osborne in Downing Street and that’s what they deserve. Ed Miliband’s job then is to lead Labour as the political, economic and ideological alternative, whether he or his party are fit for the purpose isn’t up to the Broad Left mass movement it’s up to the rank and file of the Labour Party. The job of Broad Left activists is to oust this right-wing administration. The cracks are starting to show and we have a duty to the sick, disabled, unemployed, low paid and those facing redundancy from the Tory/Liberal cuts to make those cracks shear apart, If not now when?


  1. whether Labour would win or not I cannot predict, but I would argue that as the cuts, inflation and unemployment bite Labour will become more popular and the Tory/Liberal coalition less so. On this basis I am saying the broad left have to pursue actions opposing neo-liberal policies creating a political climate of popular discontent through mass demonstrations such as the TUC march and through union action against cuts and redundancies. The reality is that David Cameron’s government doesn’t have popular support in the way either Maggie Thatcher or Tony Blair had at the start of their premiership. Ed Miliband may not have the same media skills as Harold Wilson had or the ideological commitment of Nye Bevan so it falls on grass roots activists on the left inside and out of the Labour Party to put a left-wing ideological political and economic strategy on the agenda and overturn the neo-liberal/neo-conservative settlement of the last thirty years.

    Since 2008 the neo-liberal/neo-conservative consensus has been ideologically weakened and this is where a working class vanguard must seize on the weakness of the theoretical argument for the Tory, Liberal and New-Labour project. Those who want a sustainable eco-socialist alternative to American, British and European imperialism have a real opportunity to break the neo-liberal/neo-conservative consensus. Bringing down the coalition and working for a Left-Labour alternative is a step in this direction, therefore it’s up to the broad left Marxist and non-marxist outside of the Labour Party to resist the Tory/Liberal coalition and support left-labour activist within the Labour Party to reclaim it as the party of social-democracy/socialism. This is the current strategy of the Communist Party as the road to socialism in Britain which I would argue can be extended to include the European Left in the European Union. Opposition to the austerity measures in Britain, Europe and Scandinavia should be coordinated with the labour movement across Europe and the Left/Green parties. Until we can get STV and proportional representation the Labour Party remains the electoral representative of the working classes and labour movement in Britain, that’s the reality at the moment so that’s what we must work towards.


  2. This is why the Communist Party of Britain sees reclaiming the Labour Party from the neo-liberal/neo-conservative clique as of strategic importance. If we take the Socialist Party view that the Labour Party is irredeemably lost and has permanently become ideological the second choice party of the capitalist class rather than the social-democratic party of the working class it will be many years before a new mass party of labour emerged that can win enough votes to form a government at Westminster. By which time the concrete gains made in the 20th century could be totally eradicated by an ideologically lead neo-liberal/neo-conservative capitalist elite. From this perspective I continue to argue that the broad left must support the removal of the Tory/Liberal coalition and installation of a Labour government. That means supporting Ed Miliband as leader of the Labour Party, but the broad left also need to campaign for an alternative socialist/social-democratic political and economic strategy both in Britain and the European Union if we are to successfully oppose the neo-liberal and neo-conservative agenda of the Westminster, Strasburg, Whitehall, Brussels the Bank of England and European Central Bank.

  3. Employment plans attacked/European TUC slams EU’s cuts

    The Communist Party of Britain’s executive committee has slammed George Osborne's call for a wholesale review of employment law as ‘‘the opening shot in a new drive against trade union and workers’ rights’’ which would include further restrictions on the right to strike ‘‘This is part of a wider ruling class offensive across Europe, promoted by European Union institutions, to attack collective bargaining and the right of member states to determine their own fiscal policies’’

    (John Foster)

    What should the British ‘‘Broad Left’’ response be to this British and European ruling class offensive? Why I argue for a united British and European working class struggle against the British and European ruling class offensive.

  4. Organise a European fight back against austerity

    European wide conference against cuts and privatisation

    Saturday 1 October 2011, 10am-5pm
    Camden Centre, Bidborough Street,
    London WC1H 9AU


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