A Future That Works

A Future That Works
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Saturday, 15 June 2013



Faced with exasperation provoked by political as well as practical, European leaders, the question is increasingly asked: how to feed a dynamic to "rebuild Europe", that encourage citizens to challenge the foundations class that made the European Union it has gradually become. This presupposes clearly designate the orientations and structures with which it is essential to reach break.

Thus, it is essential to question the generalized competition: "The open market economy where competition is free and undistorted." Number of devastating rules relate to this cardinal principle of "Europe" today: the "free movement" without "interference" (goods, services, capital), the obligation to open public utilities competition, fiscal and social dumping, the obsession with 'competitiveness' and free trade ... Deny this logic is necessary to pave the way for cooperative policies on the economy (co, coordinated industrial policy, coordinated reduction uneven development ...) and supportive strategies in social (job security and training for each and every common to the promotion of human capacities priority, minimum wage for every country tax harmonization ...)

Another trend of "Europe" to counter current: rampant financialization of the economy, where as resulting wound (austerity, insecurity, unemployment, asphyxia utilities ...) Deny the logic of submission to the demands of " investors "in the financial market makes it possible to address the critical issue of the new tasks entrusted to the European Central Bank (ECB) and a radically new role for the euro, to request the removal of the Stability Pact and the re- because of fiscal treaty as guidelines or regulations that are similar; to require a real hunt for tax havens, the establishment of an effective tax on financial transactions and a vote on a tax reform based on social justice and economic efficiency; brief asking that all resources are mobilized to create money and use the money for employment, training, utilities, environmental transition.

Finally, we must address the verticality of power in the current European construction: the treaties (which seek to impose a definite liberal model), the ECB ("independent"), the Commission (and arrogant "economic governance") , the Court (at exorbitant powers and without recourse), not to mention the concentration of control levers is at the dominant states, starting with Germany's Merkel ... Deny this logic means action to involve citizens in development of major European political choice, control decisions and evaluating their effects get intervening rights for employees on business management, to respect the prerogatives of elected assemblies, starting with parliaments in a word to sustain democracy and popular sovereignty.

Everyone understands that any step in this direction involves a convergence in thinking and in action many different strengths and seeking change. This means if the ambition to "rebuild Europe" requires a great effort of education policy and strategy for gathering resolutely banishing all narrowness! 
Francis Wurtz PCF

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