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A Future That Works
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Sunday, 22 May 2011

Guardian Article

Guardian article shows Ed Miliband is distancing himself from the neo-liberal ideology of Blairism and tentatively moving towards a neo-Keynesian social-democratic ideology. Ed M’s election as leader of the Labour Party was a positive step which the broad left should support and why those who seek to undermine Ed M’s leadership are in the main on the right of labour politics. There is a clear indication now that the Labour Party will move to the ‘left’ ideologically, it’s a relatively small move but all the same it’s there.

‘‘People see a growing inequality between those at the top and themselves. They ask why it is so hard to make ends meet and why this squeeze is getting tighter.’’

‘‘This new inequality may be getting worse under the current government, but it began long before. We need a different kind of economy, fairer to the lowest paid and demanding greater responsibility from the higher paid; broader-based, less reliant on financial services.’’


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  1. The only way Ed M can hope to achieve a ‘‘better capitalism’’ is by adopting neo-Keynesian social-democratic policies, it’s not socialism but it’s a retreat from neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism which creates opportunities for creative action and socialist initiatives which haven’t existed for thirty years. However minute the shift is it’s an acknowledgement that the ideology of the last thirty years has increased the antagonisms between the interests of capital and labour and alienation of the British working classes. Ed Miliband needs to keep the support of the broad left inside and out of the Labour Party and align Labour with the people of Britain against the Tory/Liberal coalition and its privileged, pampered greedy capitalist friends.


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