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A Future That Works
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Monday, 23 May 2011

Super wahlergebnis für die Grünen - German greens overtake conservative party plus its liberal partners fail to reach 5% threshold

Deutschen grünen überholen konservative Partei, liberalen Partner nicht bekommen 5% Schwelle

Social Democrat Party led by Jens Böhrnsen won 38.3% up 1.6% on 2007, the Green Party won about 22.8% up 6.3% in Bremen, more than Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union Party with 20.2% down 5.4% its coalition partners the Free Democrats Party failed to achieve the 5% minimum for the bürgerschaft (state legislature) with a mere 3.3%. Die Linke (Left Party) won 6% of the vote securing seats on the bürgerschaft.

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