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A Future That Works
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Saturday, 16 April 2011

Wolfie: True Labour vs. New Labour


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  1. What’s the distinction between True-Labour (social-democratic/socialist) and New-Labour (neo-liberal/neo-conservative). The first being progressive and creating the NHS, welfare state and a massive programme of council house building which provided the people of Britain with health care, security and decadent homes, plus free access to higher education and comprehensive education rather than selective education. The latter accepting that rather than social need being the deciding factor the market should dictate hence deregulation of the controls on finance, marketization of the NHS private finance and management teams taking control along with secondary education rather than the democratically elected local authority. Liberalization of the market and governance by business rather that democratically elected councillors. Wasn’t it Maggie Thatcher who spoke of a property owning democracy, well the people used to own the NHS and Secondary Schools along with Gas, Electricity, Water and the Railways and London Underground. Maybe True-Labour should be taking up this argument about a property owning democracy as our cause for the 21st century, starting with the Bank of England privatised by Gordon Brown.


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