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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Washington Consensus and the WTO, World Bank and IMF


  1. WTO general agreement on trade and services (Gats) article 1.3 says the WTO can rule on services provided on a "commercial basis" or those supplied "in competition with one or more service suppliers."

    A WTO committee has argued for an interpretation that could bring all public services under GATS and be settled by a WTO disputes panel.

    These WTO agreements also call for universal public services to break up trade restrictive public-provider monopolies and substitute commercial competition.

    WTO rules already require member states to apply such rules to the telecom industry and the WTO secretariat calls for similar tests to apply across all public services including health care.

    Gats article 6.4 will force governments to open up their public services to foreign investors and markets.

    Gats article 6.4 requires member states to show that they are not employing trade-restrictive policies and outlaws the use of anti-competitive non-market mechanisms making national governments' domestic policies subject to WTO rules.

  2. (neo-liberal economics and the neo-conservative state/supra-state)

    The class offensive to privatize health care and education doesn’t just come from the Tory/Liberal coalition government or EU directives, it comes from the WTO, IMF and World Bank based in the USA at the heart of global governance and finance capital.

    Until the British left parties acknowledge this and join with the EL led by Pierre Laurent of the PCF the neo-liberal/neo-conservative class agenda of international finance capital and the political capitalist elite will continue to advance and welfare-capitalism will continue to retreat until its totally destroyed.

  3. Imperialism: The Highest Stage of Capitalism by Vladimir Lenin


  4. The Enigma of Capital: And the Crises of Capitalism by David Harvey


  5. Budget Talks: Final Countdown

    Sunday 30 December

    9am Washington time (2pm GMT): Barack Obama appears in a pre-recorded interview for TV show Meet The Press, blaming Republicans for their intransigence on tax rises. A spokesman for Senator McConnell calls the remarks 'discordant'.

    1pm: Senate convenes as talks go on behind the scenes between Senators Harry Reid and Mitch McConnell to try to reach a last-minute agreement.

    3pm: Mr Reid and Mr McConnell reach their self-imposed deadline for a deal to be relayed to their Senate colleagues, who must decide if there is sufficient support to put it to a vote.

    8.30pm: The earliest any vote might occur in the Senate.

    Monday 31 December

    Morning: House of Representatives meets, with any Bill passed by Senate facing another vote.

    12 midnight: The deadline for new legislation, at which point America slides over 'fiscal cliff'.


  6. ''The US government has until midnight tonight to reach a deal, after which expiring legislation will automatically trigger a combination of more than $600bn (£370bn) in tax rises and spending cuts, heralding economic turmoil in the US and beyond.''

    (Tim Walker,correspondent for The Independent)


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