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Monday, 23 January 2012

Croatian EU referendum

Croatia votes to join the European Union by a sweeping majority of up to 67% according to official projections become the EU's 28th member in July 2013. The social democrat Prime Minister Zoran Milovanovic said ‘‘"The turnout could have been better, it’s not brilliant, probably because of the situation in the country’’. How will the former Yugoslavian state change the political balance within the EU, Slovenia is already a member Serbia, Bosnia and the other former Yugoslavian states are also keen on becoming members of the EU. Will this tip the balance to the left or right politically?

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  1. ‘‘In a general election that decided which government will take the former Yugoslav country into the EU in 18 months, Croats handed power to a centre-left coalition of four parties led by Zoran Milanovic, the social democrats' leader. Early projections on Croatian TV on Sunday gave the centre-left coalition 83 seats in the 151-seat parliament, against 40 for the governing HDZ or Croatian Democratic Union party of the prime minister, Jadranka Kosor.’’



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