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A Future That Works
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Monday, 19 September 2011

Real Britain

a grim tour as the Daily Mirror lifts the lid on the Real Britain and the poorest in society and how their numbers are swelling by the day.



  1. Voice of the Daily Mirror - Caring for the Real Britain


  2. Real face of Britain's unemployed

    ‘‘Not the fake reality of C-list celebs in a trashy TV show, but the grinding everyday reality of life on the dole. Life in fear of the dole. Life on pitifully low wages, on short-term contracts, eeking out what you can at the employer’s whim.’’ (Paul Routledge, Daily Mirror, 23/09/2011)


  3. David Cameron warned that the global economy is close to ‘‘staring down the barrel’’. It’s not the economy its ordinary people who have a gun to their heads whilst multi-millionaires like Prime Minister David Cameron, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne and his Tory/Liberal cabinet minister stare at their navels and pursue the class interests of the capitalist elite.

    We are not all in this together for some this isn’t the loss of abstract millions on fictitious stock market billions. It’s about losing a job or never having a job, it’s about losing your home or not having a home of your own, starting a family or losing your family, having a day out or holiday with your family not having to come home early from your third holiday abroad this summer.

    Plan ‘A’ was always about redistributing wealth from the working classes to the capitalist classes; Plan ‘A+’ is about rescuing Plan ‘A’. The people of Britain, like the people of Europe and globally need a Plan ‘B’ or Plan ‘C’ that reverses the trend of the last thirty years and returns to redistribution from the billionaire capitalist to the people. It’s time to say the neo-liberal/neo-conservative project stops and you either adopt a neo-Keynesian project Plan ‘B’ to rescue welfare capitalism and extend it globally or its time for Plan ‘C’ and socialism.


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