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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Ed M ready for a showdown with the unions

Those who pay the political levy to the Labour Party through their union have a right to vote, if the party doesn’t want to let union members have a vote then give us our money back and we can fund another left party to represent us. If I pay the political levy I expect to have a say in the party I help to finance or else what hope is there that it will be reclaimed as the party of labour and not the second choice party of business which it became under Tony Blair. How many votes does Ed Miliband think he may gain against how much money he could lose?

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  1. Labour leader Ed Miliband is set for a fight with union chiefs who helped him win the job.

    ‘‘Mr Miliband wants to reduce union voting power at Labour conferences from 50% to 40% and peel away their stranglehold on leadership elections.’’

    ‘‘an insider involved in debates around the move said: “We cannot go on having three union general secretaries controlling four-fifths of the union vote.’’


    Is it time to give up on Labour or fight from inside?

    ‘‘Can they more effectively advance progressive policies from inside the Labour Party or from outside it?’’


    it will be interesting to see what Daily Mirror readers think


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