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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Is hope fading for Britain’s 1,400 workers, or can we fight back?

Siemens seem set to supply the Thameslink order worth £1.5billion for from their Krefeld plant in German rather than the last remaining British train building works in Derby.



  1. ‘‘Our town is threatened with the effective destruction of our railway engineering industry as the government awards its £6 billion Thameslink rolling stock contract to the German firm Siemens, rather than to Bombardier’’

    ‘‘The ripple effects of the destruction of 1400 Bombardier jobs will be disastrous in Derby and the Midlands, with a further 13000 subcontractor and supply chain jobs likely to go’’

    ‘‘It’s also in line with the Government enthusiastically toeing the line of international financial, economic and political organisations - notably the European Union – which demand both “austerity measures” and the operation of the “free market” designed to force workers internationally to compete for jobs in what has been rightly called a “race to the bottom”, accepting ever reduced working conditions and pay in order to attract investment’’

    ‘‘The European Union Commission wants to impose their rules, with a “Directive establishing a single European railway area” imposing privatisation on remaining state railways in Europe, and forcing governments to award contracts to the lowest bidder internationally the “race to the bottom” in terms of quality, workers conditions and pay’’

    Communist Party chair Bill Greenshields

  2. ‘‘the fight for jobs at Bombardier will not be easily won. We need a huge response from the people of Derby, the Midlands and the country as a whole. Trade Unions and the whole community need to unite in this and the first opportunity will be at the rally called by the unions on Saturday July 23rd at 10am on the Bass Recreation Ground. Bombardier workers must not be left alone to fight’’

    (Bill Greenshields, Communist Party of Britain)

  3. Bombardier sold out by government


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  5. Around 10,000 people demonstrated in support of the Britain's last train manufacturer, winning applause from Saturday shoppers and families against the Tory/Liberal government decision to award contract to Siemens of Germany rather than the Bombardier factory in Derby to build carriages for the Thameslink route between Bedford and Brighton.

    Shoppers stood and applauded demonstrators as they marched through the city centre to a rally, where Diana Holland, Assistant General Secretary of Unite union said ‘‘We have created a huge alliance here and we must keep the campaign going because it is not loo late to persuade the Government to change its mind…What they need to do is support workers and invest in manufacturing’’, she said that Saturday's protest as ‘‘absolutely incredible’’.

    A poll of more than 25,000 adults for the Unite union showed that 88% wanted the Government to reconsider its decision and 95% believed the coalition should actively support manufacturing jobs in this country.

  6. It does not have to be like this

    ‘‘Other European countries have an industrial strategy that promotes advanced manufacturing - the presence of one is why Germany remains an industrial powerhouse.’’

    ‘‘The Daily Mirror also revealed that the government's weak claim that it was tied by the tender document drawn up by the previous government was not the case.’’

    ‘‘The leaked document shows the secretary of state has the flexibility to review the criteria and award the contract to Bombardier.’’

    ‘‘At a time when our economy is so fragile you would think this government would be doing some joined-up thinking to support jobs. But Prime Minister David Cameron snubbed the Bombardier workers.’’

    (Diana Holland Assistant General Secretary of Unite union)


    The dismal tale for workers

    ‘‘Bombardier's 3,000-strong workforce should now be celebrating the award of this £1.4 billion contract guaranteeing work in Derby for the next four years. But instead they are worrying about their future job prospects.’’

    ‘‘For every job at Bombardier there are at least four more in its supply chain companies, so these 1,500 job losses at Bombardier actually equate to 7,500.’’

    ‘‘The total impact on employment in the Derby area could ultimately be closer to 14,000 job losses in the railway industry.’’

    ‘‘The future of the British train-building industry with its proud tradition stretching back more than 170 years hangs in the balance, as do the livelihoods of thousands of Derby families.’’

    (Chris Williamson is Labour MP for Derby North)


  7. Former Unite general secretary Tony Woodley brought greetings from union leader Len McCluskey and pledged Unite's ‘‘100 per cent support politically and industrially’’ to the fight.

    The firm's British chairman Colin Walton said to huge applause: ‘‘The entire management staff is here to show our support with our employees’’.


  8. Save Bombardier March, Derby 23/072011




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