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A Future That Works
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Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Britain’s Road to Socialism

‘‘It is essential that our strategic assumptions about the nature of the class enemy match current realities’’ (John Foster, Communist Review, p28)

Left-wing Programme ‘‘will have to be articulated, fought for debated and adopted through all organizations of the trade union and progressive movements’’
(Martin Levy, Communist Review, p29)

‘‘there is no longer the prospect of a socialist Britain receiving protection and assistance from an existing socialist bloc and its impossible to conceive of Britain going it alone to socialism’’ (Tom Burr, Communist Review, p30)

Communist Review Issue No.60 2011


  1. I believe strongly that if the British and European (Marxist-Leninist) left are to be effective we need to coordinate our response to the offensive of the nation state and the EU/IMF.

    We face a capitalist offensive in a more advanced stage in Britain than Europe where the Tory/Liberal coalition mean if possible to totally dismantle the post-war settlement made between capital and labour.

    It’s therefore in our interests in Britain to see an effective opposition in Europe and stop the neo-liberal economic and the neo-conservative authoritarian state offensive against organized labour and imperialist militarization of the EU.

    This I see as fundamental to the strategic assumptions we make about the current historical dialectical material reality in the 21st century. Therefore I would argue that the British and European Left parties need to unite against the capitalist classes and institutions of the nation state the European Union and international finance capital.

  2. The working class must learn from history and “stand together or lose the fight.” (David Hopper Durham Miners Association General Secretary)

  3. EU a matter of priorities

    Jimmy Jancovich Morning Star Tuesday 20 September 2011


  4. Into the abyss?

    Andrew Murray, Friday 23 September 2011


  5. Lenin criticised anti-trade unionism and anti-parliamentarianism equally,arguing that so long as most of the working class supports social democracy, communists must work within the organisations of bourgeois parliamentary democracy. He criticised those who support "no compromises," arguing that the Communist Party of Russia made compromises and without compromise theory is just dogma rather than a "guide to action."

  6. There are definite parallels with the ultra-left Socialist Party's reluctance to work with left Labour and the Communist Party's reluctance to work with the European Left because the CPB refuses to recognise the Lisbon Treaty and work within the framework of the EU.

    Lenin argued that Marxists must struggle against "left-wing" communism so that not just a vanguard but the majority of the working classes be won over to socialism.

  7. For just as long as we can't work together, we won't work

    He saw "left-wing" communism as making similar mistakes as social democrats but "the other way round."

    Andrew Robinson, Monday 17 October 2011


    Let's Work Together Wolfie/Canned Heat


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