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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Will the Blairites destabilize the two Ed’s

Or will the broad left unite around them and prevent a return of Blue/new-Labourism in its purist Blairite/Thatcherite form?

If only Blair was a fool, he’s not he is pure evil in my view just as Thatcher was and I am quite sure the Blairite right-wing are behind the campaign to discredit Ed Miliband and Ed Balls. Blue/new-Labour is as we know the neo-liberal/neo-conservative reserve government for the capitalist elite. The Cameron/Clegg/Osborne project is getting stuck in the mire and it’s only a matter of time before the coalition disintegrates so the capitalist classes need the alternative neo-liberal/neo-conservative reserve government ready to take the rains when it falls. This has to be a good reason for the broad left supporting the two Ed’s, simply because they represent the weak link for the neo-liberal/neo-conservative project and a chance for rebuilding an alternative hegemony on the left.


  1. They say oppositions don’t win election its governments that lose them. This was true of Jim Callaghan’s Labour government in 1979 and John Major’s Tory government in 1997 and again Gordon Brown’s Labour government in 2010. The seeds of discontent for the Tories started under Thatcher and for new-labour the writing was also on the wall under Blair. But the fact is Maggie Thatcher didn’t beat Jim Callaghan or Tony Blair beat John Major. They all destroyed themselves by their mismanagement and by alienating the electorate. I am sure a donkey could have beat Callaghan, Major or Brown. An evil cow certainly replaced Callaghan and Major was replaced by someone equally detestable and the same can be said for Brown. Maybe if Labour sticks with Ed Miliband for all his faults a fairly decent human being will replace David Cameron. If the Blairites get there way then history will repeat itself and we won’t see the cycle of neo-liberal/neo-conservative drift to the right in British politics broken, I know which side I am on when it comes to wanting Ed M to stay or go and I am not siding with Blue/new-Labour. If we really want to see the Labour Party reclaimed as a social-democratic/socialist party for now we must stick with the two Ed’s, otherwise we play into the hands of the neo-liberal/neo-conservative hegemony of the capitalist elite.


  2. The difference may only be the strength of commitment to the neo-liberal and neo-conservative ideological of Blairism. But if there wasn’t any qualitative difference why would it be so important to the Blairites to destabilize Ed M and Ed B, why would the Daily Telegraph, Mail, Sun etc. be so desperate to get rid of Ed Miliband and Ed Balls if they didn’t represent some degree of a threat to the project of the capitalist ruling classes however small. This in itself persuades me that the labour movement achieved a decisive blow to the neo-liberal and neo-conservative project when they elected Ed Miliband.

    If the two Ed’s are so bad that they guarantee Labour will fail to win an election or are so similar to the other Blue/new-labourites then the neo-liberal and neo-conservative agenda would be as safe in their hands as Cameron, Osborne and Clegg if they lose and Labour comes to power in a year or two’s time. I am not saying that Ed M and Ed B represent a return to social-democracy or socialism but they represent a weakening of the right-wing project in a way that the election of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown never did.

    As we are not about to mount the barricades and storm Westminster or in the foreseeable future it’s about tactics and strategies. Something the right-wing ideologists seem better at than the left-wing ideologists. Let’s learn from the right-wing ideologists of the 1970’s who saw the weaknesses of Keynesian welfare capitalism and built the foundations of a ‘‘historic bloc’’ for the new consensus that took over in the 1980’s and use the theoretical and concrete weakness of the neo-liberal and neo-conservative ideology exposed since 2007/8 and the weakness of the Tory/Liberal and Blue/new-Labour leadership to lay the foundations for a new ‘‘historic bloc’’ and consensus for a social-democratic and socialist alternative.

    If Ed M and Ed B represent the crack in the ideological leadership that can allow the broad left to hammer a wedge into the ‘‘historic bloc’’ of neo-liberalism/neo-conservatism then lets ensure that they fulfil that historic role. Cameron, Clegg and Osborne are having to make changes to their ideological agenda of the cuff on a day to day basis. The project is in trouble thanks to the student movement’s commitment and action in December 2010, the TUC followed up with a 500,000 to 750,000 strong demonstration of opposition in March 2011. The Tories and Liberal-Democrats are in disarray and the capitalist elite haven’t got the alternative Blue/new-Labour alternative set up according to plan as they did with Tony B and Gordon B so they are worried.


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