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A Future That Works
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Tuesday, 28 June 2011

United Left Anti-Austerity Coalition

We need a general council of the European and British left parties and the ETUC to resist the neo-liberal agenda of the International Monetary Fund, World Bank, European Central Bank, national and the European political elite.

If we follow a sectarian line then the conservative elite will win, if the British Left parties and union movement unites with the left-wing parties and labour movement of Europe and Scandinavia we can resist the dictates of the IMF, World Bank, ECB and the neo-liberal agenda of centre-right and right wing governments and EU directives. If the labour movement and left parties act out the fight-back at the national level, governments and the institutions global finance capital will succeed in implementing their austerity plans and privatization of state assets to increase profits for the capitalist elite.


  1. If we adopt a policy of cooperation with the European Left and GUE/NGL groupings and coordinate with the ETUC we have greater chance of success than if the British Left adopts sectarian policies and refuses to work with socialist and communist parties that are seen as revisionist social-democrats by the revolutionary left. Lenin called such a policy as ultra-leftist and infantile. Global capitalism is in crisis and it’s the role of the Marxist parties to give a historical dialectic theoretical material analysis and apply leadership and unity in resistance to the forces of international finance capital and its global, regional and national institutions.

  2. Will the Communist Party of Britain be at the vanguard of this European lefts fightback against neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism?

  3. United Left Anti-Austerity Coalition


  4. Die LInke MP Sevim Dagdelen explains why she will be coming to London for the Europe Against Austerity Conference on 1st October:

    ‘‘I strongly oppose austerity and the ‘German Europe’ in the making. EU economic governance was pushed through by the German government to set neo-liberal policies in stone and curb democratic sovereignty on economic policy. According to this, banks’ bondholders must be protected at all costs, working people and the most vulnerable in society are to take a hit. Die LInke stands against imperialistic wars and for disarmament instead of social cuts. Die LInke stands for an anti-capitalist strategy: against the neo-liberal policies of ‘dispossession’ attacking our social rights, the welfare state, public goods and wages: Expropriate the expropriators! Capital, move over. Public, move in.’’

  5. European Conference Against Austerity & Privatisation and in defence of the Welfare State

    Ken Loach
    John McDonnell MP
    Jeremy Corbyn MP
    Caroline Lucas MP
    Kate Hudson
    Tony Benn, President Coalition of Resistance
    Imran Khan, the People’s Charter
    Andrew Burgin, Secretary Coalition of Resistance
    Bill Greenshields, Chair Communist Party of Britain
    Lindsey German, Convenor Stop the War
    Paul Mackney, former UCU General Secretary
    Clare Solomon, President ULU Students Union
    Hilary Wainwright, Red Pepper
    Lee Jasper, BARAC
    Len McCluskey, Unite General Secretary
    Bob Crow, RMT General Secretary
    Jeremy Dear, NUJ General Secretary
    Chris Bambery, Secretary Right to Work campaign

  6. The main speakers include Pierre Laurent (president of the ELP), Marisa Matias (Bloco MEP, Portugal), Jeremy Corbyn MP, Sevim Dagdelen (Die LInke MP, Germany), Annick Coupe (Solidaires, France), Piero Bernocchi COBAS, Italy, Elizabeth Gauthier (Transform), Costas Lapavitsas, Len McCluskey, UNITE


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