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A Future That Works
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Monday, 6 June 2011

Study by the British labour movement shows rich-poor divide getting wider

Wages have been falling sharply in the UK as a share of the national wealth since the mid-1970s, although a "rich minority" have seen their earnings increase, a new study showed.

The report found a "sharp divide" in earnings growth between different professions, with medical practitioners enjoying a 153% pay rise since the late 1970s and over 100% for judges, barristers and solicitors.

The wages of bakers fell by 1% in the same period, by 5% for forklift truck drivers and 3% for packers and bottlers

According to the union organisation, there has been a steady growth in "bad jobs", offering poor wages and job security, with almost twice as many people now earning a third less than the median compared with 1977.

‘‘TUC General Secretary Brendan Barber said: ‘Britain has got much wealthier over the last three decades…But while a small financial elite have grabbed an ever larger share for themselves, many people on low and middle incomes have seen barely any improvement in their incomes while some have even seen their take-home pay fall.’’

‘‘Unless we radically transform our economy – from recasting the role of the state to prioritising a fairer distribution of new wealth and jobs – we will simply be storing up more problems for the future.’’


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  1. Blue Labour, sorry I mean new-labour, no I was correct first blue-labour/new-labour it’s the same didn’t and won’t make any difference to this trend to the Tories and we know that it will only get worse under the Tory/Liberal coalition. They all have the same ideology, neo-liberal economics and neo-conservative state, freedom for capital and control of labour, power to the elite not the people.

    Only Left-Labour will make a difference, only when the labour movement reclaims the party as a social-democratic/socialist party from the neo-liberal/neo-conservatives will the Labour Party represent the interests of the people of Britain rather than the interests of the British capitalist elite and global finance capital.


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