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A Future That Works
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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Alliance for Green Socialism - The LibCon Cuts and Fightback

3rd of June 6.30pm

42 St Lawrence Terrace London W10

All welcome

Tube: Ladbroke Grove
Busses 52, 23,30,7

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  1. Marxist-Leninist’s hear the call for a ‘‘historic bloc’’ to promote a new hegemony of the working classes that can overthrow the current hegemony of the capitalist classes by putting theory into practice ‘‘the basic truths of Marxism which has taught the workers: you must take advantage of bourgeois democracy’’ (Vladimir Lenin)

    Hopefully the Morning Star will be report on the Alliance for Green Socialism’s on the 3rd of June an Rob Griffith Robert Griffiths of the CPB and Dave Nellist of the Socialist Party will be there to put questions to Mike Davies Leader of the AGS on how best we can form an broad left bloc of British and European ‘‘Left’’ parties as part of a coordinated fight back.


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