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A Future That Works
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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

True-Labour not New-Labour - Labour MP Jon Cruddas urges Ed Miliband to woo ‘‘Blue Labour’’ voters

Harold Wilson was probably the cleverest leader the Labour Party/governments have ever had. Unfortunately replaced by Jim Callaghan then Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, the Clement Attlee and Harold Wilson leadership/governments represent Labour at its best and Jim Callaghan and Tony Blair along with Ramsay MacDonald represent Labour at its worst. This must prove Labour is best when it’s a socialist/social-democratic left-labour party and worst when it’s a neo-liberal/neo-conservative right-labour party.

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  1. blue-labour is just new-labour rebranded its neither new or improved just the same old neo-liberal/neo-conservative Blairite nonsense which accepted the Thatcherite ideology that the state is bad and business is always good. When Labour was red or left-labour it created the NHS and welfare state, when its blue or right-labour it deregulates and privatizes the social-democratic institutions that represented true-labour ideology. No wonder that the working classes who have been worst effected by thirty years of neo-liberal/neo-conservative ideology no longer bother to vote or vote for the BNP, right-wing labour policies feed the far right fascist party with recruits and undermine the social-democracy and socialist political, economic and social successes achieved in the 20th century. The further to the right Labour moves the further to the right the axis of politics and the Liberal and Tory party move further to the right and Labour then follows. If Ed Miliband doesn’t stop this trend and revers it Labour has lost its purpose as a political party and eventually all the gains of the 20th century will have been lost. The task that Ed Miliband should be taking on is to prove his leadership marks the break with Blairism and Tory-Labourism.


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