A Future That Works

A Future That Works
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Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ownership is central to democracy, whilst a capitalist elite own and control health care, education, energy, water etc. it’s not possible for democratic control to exist in any real sense.

The first task for any kind of real democratic accountability to the people is social ownership of the means of production, administrative and service sectors of society. Workers control has to be the key to any socialist democratic state, then how that democracy functions and the method of democratic accountability has to be formed so that those who work as government administrators and as elected representatives of the people can be brought to account.

The vanguard party is a means to this end and without such a party finance capital and the capitalist elite will always control the state. This is at the heart of the failure of social-democratic parties, because they do not confront the state power exerted by the capitalist classes and capital.

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