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Sunday, 3 April 2011

Broad Left Unity

Who to vote for in your local council elections?

CPB/UfPS, Green, Left-Green, Left-Labour and TUSC candidates where possible otherwise vote Labour against the Tories and Liberal-Democrats as a response to government cuts in local authority funding.


  1. Local Council Elections 2011 - Broad Left Unity

    andidates and wards for Leicester 'Vote Against Cuts in Leicester'

    which has agreed on a pledge of no to ALL cuts around which all candidates are standing


    Mohinder Farma - Mayor of Leicester.
    Evington Ward - Haridev Dasanjh and Mohinder Farma
    Coleman Ward - Avtar Singh and Ashvinkumar Vyas


    Stoneygate Ward- Becci Heagney and Drew Walton
    Castle Ward - Alex Moore
    Westcotes Ward - Dean Kavanagh
    Knighton Ward - Paul O'Connell
    Rushey Mead - Suraj Shah
    Braunstone and Rowley Fields - Steve Score, Fiona Neville and Debbie Stokes.


  2. Anyone out there with info on red and green candidates for the council elections including left-labour as well as the Alliance for Green Socialism, Communist and Socialist parties

  3. Indira Nath, Chair Leicester Green Party has supplied a list of their candidates for Leicester.

    Alan Stocker Aylestone Ward
    Thomas Henry Aylestone Ward
    John O’Connell Aylestone Ward
    Chris Hughes Belgrave Ward
    Chris Seal Belgrave Ward
    Bob Ball Castle Ward
    Mags Lewis Castle Ward
    Rachel Anne Pepa Castle Ward
    Geoff Forse Fosse Ward
    Rosie Gordon Fosse Ward
    Jill Cunningham Freemen Ward
    Christine Rosalind Worth Freemen Ward
    Dave Dixey Knighton Ward
    Dinah Gillian Freer Knighton Ward
    Indira Nath Knighton Ward
    Janet Elisita Thurncourt Ward
    Murray Roy Frankland Thurncourt Ward
    Tristram Hooley Stoneygate Ward
    Korin Grant Stoneygate Ward
    Mike Sackin Stoneygate Ward
    Christopher John Davies Westcotes Ward
    Stephen Wylie Westcotes Ward
    Alexander James Scott Western Park Ward

    Geoff Forse Candidate for Mayor


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