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Sunday, 13 March 2011

Who would chose nuclear energy


  1. 3rd Nuclear Plant in Japan Faces Problems after Earthquake, Tsunami

    Who would chose nuclear energy as an ecological/green option now?

  2. Cracks in nuke power agenda


  3. crisis in Japan should be a wake-up call for Britain as it seeks to build a new generation of power stations

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  5. Japanese nuclear plant is hit by a third explosion and the world's biggest nuclear crisis for decades. Its technicians are battling to cool reactors at the Fukushima Daiichi facility and the Japanese government has ordered people within a 12 mile radius to leave immediately and those between 12 miles and 19 miles away to stay indoors. Workers at the Fukushima plant have been struggling since Friday March the 11th to avert a disaster after the cooling systems failed.

    Prof David Hinde, head of the department of nuclear physics at the Australian National University, said it was the worst nuclear accident since the Chernobyl disaster in 1986, but stressed it was on a far smaller scale.

    The maximum radiation level was "very, very serious" for workers on site, who would only be able to remain there for the briefest periods. But the risk to those outside the exclusion zone was very small, particularly when seen in the context of their situation as a whole.

    "Compared to the risk of being on a plain near the sea it's negligible ... no one is looking at the black smoke from the fires and wondering where those carcinogens are going," he said.

    An expert told the broadcaster NHK that the situation was "very grave", warning that without protective gear a level of 100mSv could be enough to cause male infertility in a short time.

    He also said those in the 12-mile to 19-mile zone should dust off their hair and clothes before entering their building, including brushing off the soles of their shoes. Once inside they should close windows and turn off air conditioning. Any laundry hanging out should be left outside.

  6. Here is my Left-Unity proposal for what is to be done

    We start by saying that what the Tory/Liberal coalition is doing is unacceptable, that what was achieved by the struggles of our grandparents and parents will not be destroyed by the neo-classical ideologues Cameron, Clegg and Osborne, nor will similar policies followed by any other neo-liberal/neo-conservative administration.

    As a concrete policy the propose a policy that unites Left and Green parties, stop all future nuclear energy programs and abandon the planned replacement of the Polaris submarines with the Astute class submarines. The money saved from abandoning these is then used to fit solar panels on all domestic properties where practical and legislation introduced to make it easier to get planning approved for wind farms. This then reduces the reliance on fossil fuels and current nuclear plants with any surplus electricity from solar energy fed back into the grid.

    As this will be a labour intensive project it creates employment that is beneficial to the environment and therefore constitutes sustainable development, there would no doubt be money spare from cancelling the nuclear energy and defence spending to support welfare spending that the Tory, Liberal and Labour right-wing have all accepted as unaffordable. This would surely be a popular Left Alternative policy with the people of Britain compared with the planned cuts in public spending on health, education and welfare whilst committing tax payes to an expensive nuclear program.



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