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A Future That Works
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Thursday, 31 March 2011

Unite Executive Council elections to in May 2011

Vote for United Left candidates in the UNITE Executive Council elections so as they continue to have a working majority on the Unite Executive to defend membership democracy and fight for the interests of the Unite Union membership.


  1. United Left Candidates


  2. East Midlands - June Shepherd

    Ireland - Trevor McDowall, Therese Moloney

    London & Eastern - John Murphy, Brian Holmes, Lizanne Malone, Kwasi Agyemang-Prenpeh

    North East Yorkshire - Stephen Miller, Daniel Maguire
    & Humberside

    North West - Tony Woodhouse, Des Graham, Sharon Hutchinson

    Scotland - Dave Brockett, Marie Vannet

    South East - Tony Lewington, Brenda Pleasants

    South West - Kevin Terry, Jayne Taylor

    Wales - John James, Sharon Wallace

    West Midlands - Maggie Ryan


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