A Future That Works

A Future That Works
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Tuesday, 29 March 2011

There is an alternative to the barbarism of the market

"Our struggle is to fight to preserve, protect and defend the best of the services we cherish because they represent the best of the country we love. We know what the government will say: that this is a march of the minority. They are so wrong. David Cameron, you wanted to create the 'big society' – this is the big society. The big society united against what your government is doing to our country. We stand today not as the minority, but as the voice of the mainstream majority in this country." (Ed Miliband 26th March 2011 Hyde Park London)

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  1. When a Labour government follows neo-liberal and neo-conservative policies and introduces tuition fees, privatisation and gets involved in imperialist wars for control of oil and gas, killing millions of innocent civilians, bombing hospitals and schools and placing people in concentration camps without trial and using torture it’s a party that we are ashamed off. This is why Labour lost thousands of members and millions of votes since 1997. Like it or not Blairism and new-labour are dead, Ed Miliband knows this even if his shadow cabinet and Little Lord Mandy don’t accept it.



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