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A Future That Works
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Saturday, 5 February 2011

Welfare and Capitalism

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) psychological therapy is supposed to change people’s patterns of behaviour and we presume from this one million will come of disability benefits and all of a sudden be part of the productive workforce as opposed to being unemployable cured of their depression, learning disabilities and other such illnesses that bar them from forming part of the reserve labour force. Who will be running the therapy/counselling. I think you are spot on Dugsie when you say its gobbledygook and a pseudoscience with the purpose of cutting the cost of benefits and increasing the reserve workforce in the labour market.

If is N* number of workers in the economy and N is the number of workers employed N*- N represents the unemployed and affects the bargaining strength of the working class. So it’s all to do with the class struggle and the law of supply and demand (Say's law) or what Maynard Keynes called the ‘‘animal spirit’’ in his book ‘‘The General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money’’. Says Law N=L[1/(1+g) I-M(r)] -1(F+(N*-N)b0) where L is the vector of labour coefficients, g is growth M is the money matrix, r the rate of employment and b the consumption bundle becomes dependent on r expressed as b0.

From this it’s possible to express in economic mathematical terms what we know in social and political terms as the real reason behind the aims of Nick Clegg as an economic liberal as opposed to a social liberal and in classical/neo-conservative terms. Its purpose is to solve the fiscal crisis and create a balance between labour and capital that allows the capitalist classes to increase their share of the surplus-value produced by labour by reducing the social bundle paid to unemployed workers and create a downward pressure on wages paid to workers in employment, just a bit of good old fashioned Marxist economic analysis as to how a neo-liberal/neo-conservative government solves the crisis of capitalism. I am not attempting to say how a we solves the crisis of capitalism, our job is to replace it, which is what the ‘‘What Is to Be Done?’’ thread is about.


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  1. Capitalism at heart of crisis, says activist

    "Cameron's Big Society is the same as Thatcher's no society - it's about ridding us working people of the welfare state."

    (Julian Jones activist University College London)



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