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Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Crisis of Capitalism

David Harvey on the Crisis of Capitalism



  1. Dispatches - Fashion's Dirty Secret


    Undercover filming of a factory in Britain producing cheap fashion for the High Street


  2. Anti-poverty campaigners are calling for an end to sweatshop labour in Britain following Channel 4 Dispatches programme which has exposed the working conditions in factories in Leicester at a company owned and run by billionaire businessman Sir Philip Green who was appointed as an advising to David Cameron on public-sector ‘efficiency’ savings this summer. The report shows workers being paid half of the legal minimum wage, one worker was paid £2.50/hour cash in hand and another £3.33. Forced to work faster or face the sack in cramped hot conditions and poor hygiene standards. The workers are given no training or safety guidance on working sewing machines which hadn’t been fitted with appropriate safety guards. These factories make clothes for New Look, Peacocks, C&A and Jane Norman. A C&A spokesperson said: ‘The working conditions described constitute a blatant violation of international social standards, national laws and individual rights. We find such practices appalling’. John Hilary War on Want executive director said: ‘We know this type of exploitation is standard throughout the fashion industry yet to find this abuse here in Britain is still deeply disturbing’. TUC general secretary Brendan Barber said: ‘It is a scandal that people are working in these dangerous, pressurised sweatshop conditions. Workers in the UK have a legal right to be paid at least the minimum wage, and are entitled to carry out their jobs in decent and safe workplaces with clean, modern lavatories’ and that ‘The deep cuts in spending announced by the government will make it easier for employers to avoid their obligations under the law to protect their staff at work’.


  3. Would Cameron, Clegg or Osborne work under these conditions for £116.55 minus £20.00 equalling £96.55 for a week’s work, I think not. These workers in a factory in a major British city are amongst the super exploited workers of global capitalism, but this isn’t in Bangladesh or Indonesia this is the Britain that Thatcherism/Blairism has created. A paradise for billionaire businessman Sir Philip Green and his chums Cameron, Clegg or Osborne but hell for the workers who paid well below the minimum wage of £5.93/hour or £207.55 for a 35 hour week. And so much for the Health and Safety culture that the Conservative/Liberal government thinks unnecessary and so damaging to the profitability of British capitalism. Cameron and Clegg know exactly what deregulation means for workers; it means a return to Victorian sweet shop Britain not just secretly in the back streets of Leicester but as the normal rule. This is why workers formed the labour movement and why the labour movement formed the Labour Party, forget new-labour and the ‘third way’ or Cameron and Clegg’s conservative/liberal ‘Big Society’ defend the gains achieved by the social-democratic post-war settlement and fight for democratic control of the production process by the working class. Look into the eyes of Cameron, Clegg, Osborne or Blair come to that. They say eyes are the window to the soul, I doubt you will find one, or if you do it will be a black soul, the Channel 4 Dispatches programme shows the real world of globalized capitalism. If we compete in a global market workers’ wages and conditions in Britain and globally need to be raise to a minimum level, divide they rule, so workers united we can rule.

  4. Average pay for a CEO at one of the top 100 FTSE companies gets about £4.9 million a year, most people think that they get less than £1 million the reality is they are paid about five times that amount.

    But don’t forget we are all in this together in Cameron, Clegg and Osborne’s ‘Big Society’



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